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About the project

RIALTO was based on the same principles, on which an eProcurement system ProZorro was built. ProZorro already proved it's effectiveness in the public sector during the pilot and after going full-scale and becoming an eProcurement system for all public procurement procedures throughout the country. More than 5 billion budget money were saved and more than 43 thousand economic operators opened a new market for them. Effectiveness of this model and interest of a big companies in such a system for a private sector become a reason for creating RIALTO. ePlatforms, which previously helped to create ProZorro in cooperation with the Government, united their efforts one more time to create a similar project, but this time for a private sector. 

How does an open eTendering system RIALTO work? 


System consists of a Central Data Base and ePlatforms. ePlatforms are being used as a place, through which economic operators and procuring entities perform their work in the system, like: announcing tenders, publishing procurement plans, submitting bids, etc. Main purpose of the CDB is synchronizing data between the ePlatforms. Thus, when announcing tender or submitting a bid, no matter from which ePlatform, information will be available on each and every ePlatform. 


Commercial tenders in the RIALTO system are being conducted accordingly to the regulations, all players follow unified rules and fees. Equality of the three parties: economic operators, procuring entities and ePlatforms is the basement of the system's concept and is reflected in the project logo. Openness of the system consists of the following: openness for the economic operators - any bidder has access to all tenders, bids are confidential until the start of the auction, providing fair competition and transparent process of choosing a winner, openness for the procuring entities - any company, which is willing to conduct it's tenders openly, can be a part of the project, openness for the ePlatforms - publishing all tendering results in the system, from the auction's winner and qualification information until the signed contract