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Procuring entities

Conduct tenders professionally - save your money and time

Pros of the open eTendering system

Unified rules of the game of everybody

Procuring entities conduct their tenders and economic operators take part in them accordingly to the regulations

Operational effectiveness

Process of tendering procedures is standard for the whole company and understandable for everybody - both procuring departments and top management 

Free of charge

For a procuring entity conducting it's procedures in the system is free of charge, bidders pay for the participation accordingly to the unified fees on all ePlatforms 

Trust of the bidders

Publication of the tendering results in the system makes economic operators trust the whole process and motivates them to take part in tenders 

Competitive tenders

Access to all tenders is available from every ePlatform, which provides adequate number of bidders in each tender  

Budget savings

Lowering costs by choosing the most economically advantageous bidders in every tender 

Decision performed electronically

User friendly interfaces of the ePlatforms - wide functional possibilities, access from any device, security and absence of papers 

Client support

ePlatforms provide full service - consulting on every stage of the tender, technical support, training 

How does it work?

How do I register and start working?


Pick an ePlatform


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