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Open eTendering & eAuctioning system

Key Procuring Entities

Economic operators

Willing to expand your sales without spendings on client attraction? Participation in tenders of the big companies in the RIALTO system - openly and transparently. In order to start, please register on one of the ePlatforms and get full access to the tenders   

Big market
Unified rules for everyone
Transparent qualification of the winner
Competition between economic operators
Budget savings
Free of charge

Procuring Entitites

Conduct tenders professionally in the RIALTO system - announce your tenders and they will be available for economic operators on all of the ePlatforms. Choose the best proposal and save your money and time. In order to start, choose an ePlatform and register

We work with

RIALTO system consists from the Central Data Base and ePlatforms, on which Procuring entities and Economic operators work. Through synchronization between the ePlatforms, all tenders and other information is available on each of them in the system, no matter on which the tender was announced. In order to start your work, please choose one of the ePlatforms and register on it. You will be able to conduct tenders or take part in them afterwards